Princes of the Apocalypse

Encounter 3

Leaving the are of the previous encounter and looking for the orcs, we took a slight detour to follow some gelatinous ooze along the road and found an intentional blockade (made of natural materials) preventing us from entering the main part of the city.

In addition, there were a gray ooze and a gelatinous cube looking angrily at us. Adoendithas Mineshadow hits the ooze with a longbow shot, doing 6 damage. Richand Huntinghawk shot magic missile at the ooze, doing 11 damage. Fukul Strifelaugher shot shortbow at the ooze, doing 4 damage. The gelatinous cube advanced. The gray ooze advanced. Adoamros Milltall shot his crossbow at the ooze, killing it.

In round 2, Adoendithas Mineshadow shot his longbow at the cube, with a critical miss. Richand Huntinghawk hurled a Chromatic Orb of acid at the cube, hitting and doing 14 damage, taking it down to 70 HP. FS hit it with his shortbow, doing 9 damage and taking it down to 61 HP. The cube advanced on Adoamros Milltall and used pseudopod, hitting him and doing 10 damage, taking him down to 7 HP. Milltall ran away and used Cure Wounds on himself, regaining 3 HP, to 10 HP. Adoendithas Mineshadow struck with his longsword, doing 9 damage but 12 damage due to vulnerability (49 HP). Richand Huntinghawk used Burning Hands, doing 8 damage (41 HP). He also retreated. Frukul Strifelaugher hit it with a thrown dagger, doing 4 damage (37 HP) and advances. The cube advances on Adoendithas Mineshadow and uses Pseudopod, hitting and doing 10 damage (3 HP). Adoamros Milltall used Healing Word on Adoendithas Mineshadow, giving him back 3 (6 HP) and advances another 25 feet.

In round 3, Adoendithas Minshadow strike again with his longsword, doing 12 damage (25 HP) and advances. Richand Huntinghawk hits with Witch Bolt doing 8 damage (17 HP) and advances. Frukul Strifelaugher throws his second dagger, doing 5 damage (12 HP). The cube advances and slams Frukul, doing 8 damage (2 HP). Adoamros Milltall shoots a crossbow bolt doing 8 damage (4 HP).

In round 4, Adoendithas Mineshadow shot his longbow but missed. Richand Huntinghawk continued Witch Bolt, killing the cube. A passageway clears up, allowing us to pass through.

We found a chest containing a potion of healing and a potion of fire breath. We split 600 XP (150 each).


aarre aarre

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