Princes of the Apocalypse

Encounter 4
The Two Knights

After we traveled through the passage that opened up at the end of the last encounter, we saw a cliff, a mountain, several trees and bushes. We were approaching from the east, headed west, and the path continued toward the west on the other side of these natural features.

We encountered two humans wearing scale armor and each carrying both a longsword in one hand and a spear in the other. One said, “I have heard about you tresspassers. I sent my cube to stop you, although you proved stronger than I expected. Get off my property!”

Adoendithas Minshadow told the man that we were here to save hm from the orc scourge, but he said, “I sent those orcs myself…. attack!”

So, Richand Huntinghawk unleashed a Witch Bolt attack on the human, with a critical hit, doing 12 damage, and advanced on the human. Adoamros Milltall missed with a crossbow shot. The human attacks Richand Huntinghawk with Ray of Frost but misses. Frukul Strifelaugher hits with a shortbow arrow, doing 8 damage. Adoendithas Mineshadow advanced on the human and struck with his warhammer, doing 7 bludgeoning damage. Another human emerged from behind a tree in the distance and advanced on us. He threw his spear at Adoendithas Mineshadow, with a critical hit, doing 8 damage and taking Adoendithas down to 5 HP.

In the second round, Richand Huntinghawk does another 10 damage to the first human with Witch Bolt, killing him, then ran far from the second human. Adoamros Milltall shot a crossbow bolt at the second human, missing. Frukul Strifelaugher shot a shortbow arrow at the second human, missing. Adoendithas Mineshadow advanced on the second human and struck with his warhammer, hitting and doing 9 damage. The human uses multi attack to make two attacks on Adoendithas Mineshadow, missing with his longsword on the first one but scoring a critical hit on the second one and doing 10 damage, taking him down to -5 hit points and knocking him unconscious. The human (a knight as it turns out) shouts “That’s what will happen to the rest of you if you don’t scram!”

In the third round, Richand Huntinghawk screams “We do not scram!” He then fires magic missile at the knight, doing a total of 10 damage and taking the knight down to 14 HP. Adoamros Milltall uses Healing Word on Adoendithas Mineshadow, restoring him to 3 HP. Frukul Strifelaugher shot a shortbow arrow at the knight, hitting and doing 4 damage, taking the knight down to 10 HP. Adoendithas Mineshadow, angered at having been knocked unconscious, struck the knight again with his warhammer, hitting and doing 6 damage. He said, “Take that!” The knight said, “I may not be able to end you all, but I sure will end you, Mineshadow!” The knight attempts Ray of Frost on Adoendithas Mineshadow, hitting and doing 8 damage, knocking him unconscious again . Then the knight retreats 30 feet to hide behind his tree.

In the fourth round, Richand Huntinghawk shouts “You will not end any of us, you worthless scum!” He then hurls a poison orb at the knight, missing. Adoamros Milltall advances toward Adoendithas Mineshadow, coming up 10 feet short, then fires a crossbow bolt at the knight, who has three-quarters cover behind the tree trunk, missing.

In the fifth round, Richand Huntinghawk uses Fire Bolt, hitting the knight and doing 10 damage, killing him. Adoamros Milltall steps forward and uses Healing Word on Adoendithas Mineshadow, reviving him.

We split 400 XP for the encounter. We also found a belt pouch on the first knight containing 8 GP, which we split evenly.

Encounter 3

Leaving the are of the previous encounter and looking for the orcs, we took a slight detour to follow some gelatinous ooze along the road and found an intentional blockade (made of natural materials) preventing us from entering the main part of the city.

In addition, there were a gray ooze and a gelatinous cube looking angrily at us. Adoendithas Mineshadow hits the ooze with a longbow shot, doing 6 damage. Richand Huntinghawk shot magic missile at the ooze, doing 11 damage. Fukul Strifelaugher shot shortbow at the ooze, doing 4 damage. The gelatinous cube advanced. The gray ooze advanced. Adoamros Milltall shot his crossbow at the ooze, killing it.

In round 2, Adoendithas Mineshadow shot his longbow at the cube, with a critical miss. Richand Huntinghawk hurled a Chromatic Orb of acid at the cube, hitting and doing 14 damage, taking it down to 70 HP. FS hit it with his shortbow, doing 9 damage and taking it down to 61 HP. The cube advanced on Adoamros Milltall and used pseudopod, hitting him and doing 10 damage, taking him down to 7 HP. Milltall ran away and used Cure Wounds on himself, regaining 3 HP, to 10 HP. Adoendithas Mineshadow struck with his longsword, doing 9 damage but 12 damage due to vulnerability (49 HP). Richand Huntinghawk used Burning Hands, doing 8 damage (41 HP). He also retreated. Frukul Strifelaugher hit it with a thrown dagger, doing 4 damage (37 HP) and advances. The cube advances on Adoendithas Mineshadow and uses Pseudopod, hitting and doing 10 damage (3 HP). Adoamros Milltall used Healing Word on Adoendithas Mineshadow, giving him back 3 (6 HP) and advances another 25 feet.

In round 3, Adoendithas Minshadow strike again with his longsword, doing 12 damage (25 HP) and advances. Richand Huntinghawk hits with Witch Bolt doing 8 damage (17 HP) and advances. Frukul Strifelaugher throws his second dagger, doing 5 damage (12 HP). The cube advances and slams Frukul, doing 8 damage (2 HP). Adoamros Milltall shoots a crossbow bolt doing 8 damage (4 HP).

In round 4, Adoendithas Mineshadow shot his longbow but missed. Richand Huntinghawk continued Witch Bolt, killing the cube. A passageway clears up, allowing us to pass through.

We found a chest containing a potion of healing and a potion of fire breath. We split 600 XP (150 each).

Encounter 1

Defeated two Goblins at the border of Redhaven.

Frukul Strifelaughter killed a Goblin with his shortbow.

Richard Huntinghawk killed the second one with Magic missile.

100 XP shared among party of 4 = 25 XP each

Encounter 2

Encounter 2

Headed north from Encounter 1 and ran into four kobolds, including one flying kobold.

Kobold 1 advances and fires sling at Adoendithas Mineshadow but misses.

Kobold 2 advances and fires sling at Adoamros Milltall and hits, doing 5 damage, taking him from 17 to 12.

Kobold 3 advances but does not attack.

Frukul Strifelaugher shoots his shortbow at Kobold 1, hitting and doing 5 damage, leaving him with 2 HP left.

Richard Huntinghawk evokes Burning Hands at Kobold 1 and Kobold 2, killing Kobold 1 with a critical hit and killing Kobold 2 on the merits.

Adoendithas Mineshadow fires his longbow at the winged Kobold, hitting and doing 7 damage.

Adoamros Milltall uses Healing Word on himself, healing the 5 damage he took and restoring him to 17 HP.

The Winged Kobold flies 45 feet to hover over Richand Huntinghawk and drops a rock on him, hitting and doing 6 bludgeoning damage, taking him from 8 HP down to 2.

Kobold 3 advances 30 feet and fires his sling at Adoendithas Mineshadow, hitting him and doing 3 damage and taking him down to 10 HP.

Frukul Strifelaugter fires his shortbow at the Winged Kobold, which is hovering over Richand Huntinghawk, doing 8 damage and killing the Winged Kobold. However, the Winged Kobold uses Falling Death but misses.

Richand Huntinghawk uses Chromatic Orb to hurl a sphere of fire energy at the remaining living Kobold but misses.

Adoendithas Mineshadow misses with his longbow.

Adoamros Milltall uses Cure Wounds on Richand Huntinghawk, causing him to regain 7 HP, putting him back to his full 8 HP.

Kobold 3 advances on Adoamros Milltall and stabs with his dagger, hitting and doing 3 damage, taking him down to 14 HP.

Frukul Strifelaughter fires his shortbow at the remaining Kobold, missing.

Richand Huntinghawk uses Witch Bolt at the remaining Kobold, also missing.

Adoamros Milltall misses with his mace.

Adoendithas Mineshadow fires his longbow, hitting and doing 6 damage, bringing the Kobold down to 1 hit point.

The Kobold stabs Adoamros Milltall with his dagger, doing 6 damage and taking hm down to 8 hit points.

Fukul Strifelaughter fires his shortbow but misses.

Richand Huntinghawk uses Fire Bolt to kill the Kobold.

In encounter 1, we found a gold key with the number 1 engraved on it.

After Encounter 2, we found a gold key with the number 3 engraved on it.

Adoamros Milltall also found 1 GP on the winged Kobold.


Coming from Fallcrest
Headed toward Redhaven
King of Fallcrest has sent us to destroy Orc King
Because King of Redhaven believes major Orc attack impending.

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