Princes of the Apocalypse

Encounter 2

Encounter 2

Headed north from Encounter 1 and ran into four kobolds, including one flying kobold.

Kobold 1 advances and fires sling at Adoendithas Mineshadow but misses.

Kobold 2 advances and fires sling at Adoamros Milltall and hits, doing 5 damage, taking him from 17 to 12.

Kobold 3 advances but does not attack.

Frukul Strifelaugher shoots his shortbow at Kobold 1, hitting and doing 5 damage, leaving him with 2 HP left.

Richard Huntinghawk evokes Burning Hands at Kobold 1 and Kobold 2, killing Kobold 1 with a critical hit and killing Kobold 2 on the merits.

Adoendithas Mineshadow fires his longbow at the winged Kobold, hitting and doing 7 damage.

Adoamros Milltall uses Healing Word on himself, healing the 5 damage he took and restoring him to 17 HP.

The Winged Kobold flies 45 feet to hover over Richand Huntinghawk and drops a rock on him, hitting and doing 6 bludgeoning damage, taking him from 8 HP down to 2.

Kobold 3 advances 30 feet and fires his sling at Adoendithas Mineshadow, hitting him and doing 3 damage and taking him down to 10 HP.

Frukul Strifelaugter fires his shortbow at the Winged Kobold, which is hovering over Richand Huntinghawk, doing 8 damage and killing the Winged Kobold. However, the Winged Kobold uses Falling Death but misses.

Richand Huntinghawk uses Chromatic Orb to hurl a sphere of fire energy at the remaining living Kobold but misses.

Adoendithas Mineshadow misses with his longbow.

Adoamros Milltall uses Cure Wounds on Richand Huntinghawk, causing him to regain 7 HP, putting him back to his full 8 HP.

Kobold 3 advances on Adoamros Milltall and stabs with his dagger, hitting and doing 3 damage, taking him down to 14 HP.

Frukul Strifelaughter fires his shortbow at the remaining Kobold, missing.

Richand Huntinghawk uses Witch Bolt at the remaining Kobold, also missing.

Adoamros Milltall misses with his mace.

Adoendithas Mineshadow fires his longbow, hitting and doing 6 damage, bringing the Kobold down to 1 hit point.

The Kobold stabs Adoamros Milltall with his dagger, doing 6 damage and taking hm down to 8 hit points.

Fukul Strifelaughter fires his shortbow but misses.

Richand Huntinghawk uses Fire Bolt to kill the Kobold.

In encounter 1, we found a gold key with the number 1 engraved on it.

After Encounter 2, we found a gold key with the number 3 engraved on it.

Adoamros Milltall also found 1 GP on the winged Kobold.


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